Gapsted Walnuts Victoria

We grow walnuts in the Ovens Valley near the town of Gapsted in Victoria. 

You can buy them from us in Melbourne or directly from the orchard.

If you're looking for fresh Victorian walnuts then email us at  or give Marilla or John a call on  03 95008118.


About Us:

Gapsted Walnuts is located near the town of Gapsted in North East Victoria. We have planted approximately 5000 trees mainly of the Franquette and Chandler varieties on the rich alluvial floodplains of the Ovens River, in the shadows of the Great Dividing Range. The Franquette was chosen for its white kernel and well-sealed characteristics. The Chandler is a slightly larger nut with a thinner shell and creamy taste. Both varieties do well in the North East and have an excellent flavour.

The orchard is owned by John James and his son Stephen who commenced planting in the late 1980s. Total production today exceeds 100 tonnes and will grow to 200 tonnes following further plantings. The crop is sized as 32-36mm and 36+mm and is sold in our distinctive blue 10kg bags.

We distribute and sell our crop in North East Victoria as well as in Melbourne. During 2012 we invested in new harvesting equipment which allowed us to harvest the nuts with minimum delays, ensuring a clean and healthy product.

We market our crop to Wholesalers, Greengrocers, Delicatessens and individuals. 

So we invite you to try our product from the rich soils of the Ovens Valley.


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